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Elevate your QSR business with Self-Service Kiosks - the path to increased revenue and customer satisfaction

According to Grand View Research, the interactive kiosk market is expected to increase to 45.32 billion U.S. dollars by 2028, nearly doubling since 2021. Implementing self-ordering kiosks in quick-service restaurants (QSRs) has brought several key advantages for businesses.

Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 23, 2024
Feb 28, 2024
Burger King kiosk strategy

Adopting self-ordering technology meets the demands of a convenience-driven culture and promises a substantial boost in revenue and operational efficiency. According to Grand View Research, the interactive kiosk market is expected to increase to 45.32 billion U.S. dollars by 2028, nearly doubling since 2021. Implementing self-ordering kiosks in quick-service restaurants(QSRs) has brought several key advantages for businesses. Here are some reasons why you should implement a kiosk strategy.

Increased revenue

Studies, including one by Tillster, reveal a notable20% average increase in order values through adopting self-service kiosks. Future Ordering customers reported an even more impressive +35% increase in average check after integrating kiosks. Kiosks will directly affect your revenue since they remove queues and barriers to entry.

Improved efficiency

Self-ordering kiosks have substantially reduced order processing times, with the National Restaurant Association noting a 15%reduction in service time at some QSRs that have implemented these kiosks. Kiosk Ordering acts as a queue management tool, allowing the staff to focus on production and service.

Enhanced guest experience

The customization options provided by self-ordering kiosks contribute to an enriched customer experience, as highlighted by a KioskMarketplace survey showing that over 65% of customers appreciate the ability to personalize their orders through kiosks. Kiosks also serve as a gateway to online and app ordering, ensuring a consistent branded user journey.

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Upselling made easy

Self-ordering kiosks are highly effective in boosting sales growth as they are great at upselling and cross-selling. Studies show that upselling can increase revenue by up to 35%. This is done by utilizing data-driven upselling practices, offering personalized recommendations, enhancing visual appeal, and ensuring streamlined order accuracy. You can choose how to structure the user journey, promote personalized offers with high margins, and directly see an increase in average check.

Elevated customer satisfaction and loyalty

According to Deloitte, QSRs incorporating self-ordering kiosks experience heightened customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. The convenience and speed offered by kiosks contribute positively to customer sentiments. With self-ordering channels spanning kiosks, apps, and online platforms, an omnichannel approach ensures a consistent user journey and experience. It creates a seamless and unified interaction, and customers can be rewarded for their loyalty across all touchpoints, creating an extra incentive for transactions.

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Utilizing Data Insights to Increase Revenue

Modern technology has enabled QSRs to actively track customer behavior, preferences, and interests. This technological advancement is more than just a convenience—it's a treasure trove of invaluable information that enables brands to understand and cater to their customers on a personal level. Leveraging valuable customer data from kiosks helps QSRs enhance menu offerings and refine marketing strategies. 

Contactless Operations

The importance of contactless operations in the QSR industry is multifaceted. While it is crucial in reducing physical contact and promoting safety, consumer preferences have evolved, with many individuals now preferring contactless and digital interactions. The convenience and speed offered by self-service kiosks align with modern lifestyles, making it more likely for customers to choose QSRs that provide these options.

Order Accuracy

One of the significant advantages of self-ordering kiosks is improved order accuracy. In a study by the QSR Magazine, 74% of QSR operators reported that kiosks improved order accuracy. When a human is placing orders, mistakes happen. But with kiosks, the guest can order directly, making errors less likely and ensuring they get exactly what they want.

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How to secure a successful kiosk implementation

In the QSR industry, implementing Kiosk hardware is imperative. When advancing your digital presence, offering seamless access to your brand through various channels is crucial. Investing in technology that improves the customer journey is key to getting the desired outcome from a self-ordering kiosk implementation. Regardless of your current digital progress, the ability to effortlessly activate additional platforms like apps and kiosks is essential. This adaptability should align with your preferences and pace of growth. Every brand is unique, and a tailored solution is vital to match diverse footprints, service types, or locations.

As the world of customer service continues to evolve, investing in self-ordering kiosks is not just about adopting new technology. It's about making your business future-proof. With solutions like Future Ordering, the once complex and costly IT projects that were previously associated with kiosk implementation are now as simple as entering a 6-digit code. Integrating self-ordering kiosks into your business model can enhance customer experience, improve loyalty, and boost revenue.

Why customers choose the Future Ordering kiosk solution

Besides all of the above functions that are supported in the Future Ordering kiosk solution, here are some other reasons why customers choose Future Ordering:

  • Seamless integration with over 500 POS systems ensures effortless connectivity to Future Ordering's omnichannel platform.
  • Support for Custom Payment Partners: Advanced payment logic with support for custom payment partners and local wallets, including Adyen, Planet, NETS, and more.
  • Close collaboration with leading IT and Hardware partners to simplify the hardware aspect of kiosk implementation.
  • The experience of the Future Ordering team serves as a strategic advantage for customers. With access to our expertise, customers get a technical solution and a tailored blueprint for a best-in-class self-service kiosk implementation.
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