Solutions forEnterprise Organisations and Platform Partners

Offer best of breed white label omnichannel digital ordering and production system based on Future Ordering as a platform. Our APIs allows for two-way exchange of data with your underlying ERP systems. Leverage our existing integrations/partners or extend with your own. Connect with existing POS, Payment, User account or Loyalty. Future Ordering offers a continuously evolving platform from the best team in the industry instead of a high-risk internal IT project with a high cost of ownership for years to come.

Solutions for Enterprise Organisations and Platform Partners

Cloud (App and Web Ordering) for Platform Partners

Takeaway/Click 'n' Collect

Allow order ahead minutes to weeks in advance. Full support of different menus and pricing for different times, order types as well as campaign products, stand-alone or with a two-way integration with the POS.

Table Ordering

Add a table number when placing an order or simply scan a QR code on the table for the right store menu and order type. Table ordering allows for multiple orders per visit, faster table turnaround and labour savings.

Curbside Ordering

Accept orders for curbside delivery. The staff will see an accurate ETA, get informed when the guest has arrived and where the vehicle is located outside the store. All this on our Order Management System screen.

On-Premises ordering for Platform Partners

Order Management

An app platform that can run on a computer screen or phone with full identity management. Enabling to accept digital ordering outside of the POS but also applications for real time analytics, stock-out, publishing, locating vehicle or guests etc.

POS Integration

With a two-way integration to the POS all your menus, pricing and items are maintained in one place, the staff will work in the exact same way regardless of ordering channel. We support complex products and configurations.

KDS Integration

Display the order preparation status from your Kitchen Display System on an Order Status Board (Order Ready Board) and get that same information sent to the guests, using the app and the web ordering, in real-time.

Delivery Integration

Enable delivery ordering thru your own channels. With a seamless integration with your preferred Delivery Service Provider you will do the selling in your own channels, keep the relationship with the guest and the commission down.

Order Status Board

Display the order preparation status from your Kitchen Display System or Future Orderings own Order Management System. We will display all orders, regardless of channel and can filter based on order type and revenue centre.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

With our omnichannel platform the user experience in the kiosk is identical and as high performing as when ordering thru app or web. We offer enterprise-class software, device management, monitoring bundled with global HW and payment partners.

Functionality for Platform Partners


The Future Ordering platform comes with an advanced recommendation engine fully integrated in the user journey across channels for upselling, cross-selling and recommendations based on item added, store, time, and current basket contents.


Support vouchers, coupons or an external “mix and match” calculation to have consistent pricing in cross channel campaigns. We also support discount programs in underlying systems for staff or customer company employees.

Marketing Communication

Communicate with your guest via push notifications, SMS messages or e-mail. In sync with the registered user profile settings and contracts, communication is done with full GDPR compliance.

QR Codes/Deep Linking

Starting from a digital campaign or by scanning a QR code our Linkbuilder will enable you to link the guest directly to the right view in the user journey. Support for store, order type, menu/time and to include adding a product/discount to the basket.

Payment Options & Local Wallets

Provide global/local PSP’s, payment wallets, gift cards or stored value in a seamless checkout experience with support for split payments and stored payment tokens. Future Ordering Card Data Environment is certified PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1.

Account/Guest Ordering

With a fully GDPR compliant user account you will own the relationship with your guests. We support both registered users and a seamless guest ordering experience as well as the option for SSO with an external/existing user account.

Promise Time

Automatically calculate an accurate Promise Time™ for takeaway, delivery or eat-in, based on all orders in the system/POS and the current production capacity of the kitchen. Promise Time™ ensures guest satisfaction and mitigates the risk of overloading operations.

Stored Value/Gift Cards

With support in the POS, offer your guests to top-up a stored value account, buy and pay with gift cards connected to the user account or use the same architecture to create a compensation program that works in all sales channels.  


Support custom loyalty programs seamlessly across sales channels. Incentivize visits and drive traffic and sales in the stores. Loyalty will be the focus area for development during the upcoming months and years.

Master Data Management

Enrich the digital channels with meta data according to your Master Data Management Strategy enabling one version of the truth. Use our API's to get the data needed to analyze everything from sales to user behaviors.

Merchant Account Customers

Offer companies and organisation employees a discount program in combination with the convenience of using invoicing as a payment option. This functionality builds loyalty and makes your brand the preferred option for business lunch and dinner.

Proximity - Locate guest at Table

Equip your stores with location technology to be able to understand that a guest has arrived, where they are seated, and then carry out the food directly to the table. Works as a part of Order Management Platform with a 3rd party subscription and location HW.

Proximity - Locate Guest/Vehicle

Extend the curbside delivery with the addition to understand the guest ETA, if they have arrived and see where they are parked. Works as a part of Order Management Platform with a 3rd party subscription.

Services for Platform Partners

Global Support, 24/7/365

We provide second line support with incident response 24/7/365 to ensure uninterrupted operations as a part of the software subscription. Our knowledge management portal contains knowledge articles, configuration guidelines and best practices.


Extend the Future Ordering platform with custom integrations or customization. Unless the feature request is a part of our platform roadmap you can select to commission custom development or integrations from our Professional Services Organisation.

Sales Optimization Services

With an extensive experience from food & beverage ecommerce and conversion optimization, our Sales Optimization Experts can assist in making the most out of your digital sales channels. The goal is to optimize user experience, increase revenue and operational efficiency.

Publishing Services

Our Content Team can assist with best practice production of for example product, store and category images, publishing services like menus and stores as well as sales optimization and training of your internal or external resources.

IT & Compliance for Platform Partners

PCI Compliance

Future Ordering's Card Data Environment is certified PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1. Our AOC (Attestation of Compliance) is available on request. This certification limits merchant liability/risk of accepting online payments and the "PSP/bank fees".

GDPR Compliance

In our role as a Processor of Personal Data, Future Ordering undertake technical and organisational measures to meet the requirements of Applicable Data Protection Law and ensures the rights of data subjects.


The platform provides enterprise organisations with telemetry for everything from supported hardware exceptions to failed calls. Your IT organisation and/or solution provider can use this data to monitor the digital sales channels in real-time and automate workflows for uninterrupted operations.

Our Restaurant of the Future Sectors

  • Cloud (App/Web)
  • Takeaway
  • Click 'n' Collect
  • Table Ordering
  • Curbside Ordering
  • Room Service
  • On-Premise
  • Order Management
  • POS Integration
  • KDS Integration
  • Delivery Integration
  • Order Status Board
  • Kiosk
  • Functionality
  • Upselling/Cross-Selling
  • Deals
  • Marketing Communication
  • QR Codes/Deep Linking
  • Payment, Local Wallets
  • Account/Guest Ordering
  • Promise Time™
  • Stored Value/Gift Cards
  • Loyalty
  • Master Data Management
  • Account Customers
  • Proximity, Table
  • Proximity, Phone/Car
  • Services
  • Global 24/7/365 Support
  • Pro-Services
  • Sales Optimization Services
  • Publishing Services
  • IT & Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Telemetry
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