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Trusted by the most innovative restaurants in the world

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One platform for App, Web and Kiosk ordering, seamlessly integrated with operations & IT

~30% uplift in check

With a fully white labelled UI supporting complex products and configurations, the ordering experience will look, feel and taste like your brand. Everything powered with data-driven upselling, cross-selling and recommendations.

"Any" User Journey

Curbside, Click’n’Collect, kiosk or table/room/seat ordering and integrated delivery partners. Calculate an accurate Promise Time™, provide real-time order status and locate a vehicle outside or a guest inside your stores.

Order Management

Get a two-way integration to the POS or run Future Ordering stand-alone. Our Management Platform enables real-time control of your digital channels from your phone and/or a dedicated screen in the store with full identity management.

Our Restaurant of the Future sectors

  • Cloud (App/Web)
  • Takeaway
  • Click 'n' Collect
  • Table Ordering
  • Curbside Ordering
  • Room Service
  • On-Premise
  • Order Management
  • POS Integration
  • KDS Integration
  • Delivery Integration
  • Order Status Board
  • Kiosk
  • Functionality
  • Upselling/Cross-Selling
  • Deals
  • Marketing Communication
  • QR Codes/Deep Linking
  • Payment, Local Wallets
  • Account/Guest Ordering
  • Promise Time™
  • Stored Value/Gift Cards
  • Loyalty
  • Master Data Management
  • Account Customers
  • Proximity, Table
  • Proximity, Phone/Car
  • Services
  • Global 24/7/365 Support
  • Pro-Services
  • Sales Optimization Services
  • Publishing Services
  • IT & Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Telemetry
Enterprise Platform Partners & Ecosystems


Platform Partners & Ecosystems

  • API
  • API
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  • API
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  • API
  • API
  • API
  • API
  • API
  • Partner Support
  • Integration Partners
Quick Service Restaurants, Fast Food & Fast Casual


Fast Food & Fast Casual

Limited Service Restaurants, Casual Dining, Hotels & Bars


Casual dining, Hotels & Bars

Full Service Restaurants with Table Service


Restaurants with Table Service

Independent Restaurants & Cafés


Restaurants &

Trusted by the most innovative restaurants in the world

“Future Ordering provide convenient solutions for an increased guest experience. An integrated ordering platform is a natural part of our continued expansion and contributor to profitability.”

Martin Fennrup
CIO/CDO, MAX Burgers

48 hours

That’s how long it took for MAX Burgers to shift to curbside delivery to tackle the Covid-19 crisis and stay open for business.

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