Omnichannel self-ordering.

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App, web, voice and kiosk self-ordering perfected in the cloud.

Whether you are a chain or a global franchise organisation, you need a flexible self-ordering offering. With a single application for app, web and kiosk ordering channels, that seamlessly integrates with your loyalty, marketing, operations and point of sale – Future Ordering keeps the revenue high and the total cost of ownership low.

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Trusted by the most innovative restaurants in the world.

"Future Ordering helps us with our vision to build the best burger chain in the world."

Johnny Bröms CIO, Max Burgers

48 hours

How long it took for Max Burgers to shift to curbside delivery to tackle the covid-19 crisis and stay open for business.

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Always ready to take the order. Anywhere.

Extend your operations outside the walls of your locations. With app & web ordering your customers are walking around with your stores in their pockets, on their tablets at home or computers at work. Order ahead, user recognition, smart communication, marketing tools and loyalty schemes are the secret sauce to growing your business in the Future Ordering cloud.

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On-premise queue busting magic.

We know them as kiosks but the name should really be "Queue Busting Money Making Machines". Give the guest control over their ordering and payment and enjoy an increased order accuracy, a huge uplift in average check and free up valuable resources so operations can focus on speed and service.

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Your brand needs to join the conversation.

Old school is the new cool. Enable ordering with voice or chatbot seamlessly integrated with the Point of Sale. Digital assistants are already at your service in over a billion devices ready to take your guests orders.

Ready, steady, go. Optimize collection.

Increase your operational efficiency with a separate collection line. The Order Ready Board is integrated against your Kitchen Display System and keeps guests informed of your kitchens progress, gets rid of lines and help to reduce employee workloads.

Grow your business. Instantly.

Capitalise on your own state-of-the-art omnichannel self-ordering solution. With your look and feel, user journey, payment options, digital marketing and loyalty – strengthening and protecting the important relationship you have with your customers.

  • Improve your
    operating margin.
  • Increase operational
    efficiency and cut costs.
  • Create new business
  • Drive preference,
    frequency and retention.
  • Bridge marketing
    and sales.

Become the restaurant of the future.

1. Marketing and loyalty.

Communicate with your guests, seamlessly link digital marketing to your online sales channel. Segment and incentivise only that special guest or promising sleeper.

2. App & web ordering.

Earn more business by always being the most available and convenient ordering option. Run your operations on full capacity with increased takeout and delivery.

SaaS pricing.

  • Business.

    Restaurants, take away, quick serve etc.

  • Web and app ordering
  • As low as
    €50 per store per month.*
    For up to 350 transactions per store per month (average).
  • * €16 per extra 100 transactions, up to a maximum of €250 per store per month.
  • 40 stores maximum.
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  • Maximum 1.600 transactions per store per month (average).
  • Start-up fee:
    €10.000 per brand.
  • PCI-compliant: Yes.
  • Kiosks: No.
  • Loyalty: No.
  • Enterprise.

    Large chains, multi-channel brands etc.

  • Web, app and kiosk ordering
  • As low as
    €50 per store/kiosk per month.*
    When more than 190 stores or kiosks (We count a store selling online as one and each kiosk as one).
  • * €10 extra per 10 stores fewer than 190, up to a maximum of €250 per store per month.
  • Unlimited stores.
  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Start-up fee:
    €10.000 per brand for online.
    €20.000 per brand for kiosks.
  • PCI-compliant: Yes.
  • Kiosks (20 minimum): Yes.
  • Loyalty: Yes.
  • Customised.

    Hotels, arenas, canteens etc.

  • Web, app, kiosk and customised ordering
  • As low as
    €500 per location per month.*
    When more than 25.000 transactions per location per month.
  • * €10 per 100 transactions fewer than 25.000, up to a maximum of €500 per location per month.
  • Unlimited locations.
  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Start-up fee:
    Quote always on an individual basis.
  • PCI-compliant: Yes.
  • Kiosks: Yes.
  • Loyalty: Yes. * hardware not included.

Future Ordering.

We have been around building stuff online since the late '90s. We all used to build systems, experiences and products in different tech savvy industries. Over the years a team formed around talent, mutual respect and a strong obsession for pushing the boundaries of technology.

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