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Recipe for hyper-growth in a post pandemic world

Well, we get it. When the pandemic hit the world, your digital strategy went out the window. You had to act fast, you solved the problem and rode out the pandemic with an interim solution.

Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 1, 2022
Apr 20, 2022
Andreas Stormvinge
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But what now? What’s the plan for the interim solutions? The semi-integrated solutions? The kind-of-our-brand experience where we onboard our customers on other platforms?

Build, buy, or subscribe? Use our guide on how to turn new normal of digital ordering into your secret weapon of hyper growth in a post pandemic world. It's time to take back control over the guest and the data needed for a personalized digital experience fully integrated with restaurant operations.

1. Your brand

  • Your own domain order.brand.com – not a platform domain like partner.com/brand.
  • Fully branded UI/ordering experience (images, background, fonts, icons, UI copy, etc).
  • Fully branded digital communications (sender e-mail/SMS etc).
  • Your app should be published from your own account in the different App stores.

2. Any channel

  • Online Ordering to lower the barrier of entry and introduce your guests into digital ordering.
  • App Ordering to get sticky and leverage HW (position, push, sound, vibrations etc.).
  • Kiosk Ordering to bust the queues and have staff focus on production and service.
  • Order Status Board to separate the pickup from the POS, removing the queues and increased speed of service.

3. Any user journey

  • Direct order (app, online, kiosk).
  • Pre-Ordering/Click ’n’ Collect, for takeaway later today, this week or month.
  • QR code ordering (table, room, seat, parking lot).
  • Curbside Ordering with advanced Proximity support.

4. Your business

  • 0% commission and no hidden costs.
  • Sophisticated upselling, cross-selling and recommendations.
  • User experience based on operation (QSR, Limited Service, Coffee House/Convenience).
  • Tailored user experience per product (to increase conversion rate).

5. Your data

  • Merchant – not vendor, own the relationship with the guest.
  • Merchant own data.
  • Possibility to support CDP (Customer Data Platform) to enable merchant data science initiatives.
  • Merchant can independently from vendor maintain the entire solution once onboarded.

6. Your guests

  • Registered users and guest ordering.
  • Two-factor verification - SMS/e-mail (configurable).
  • User Consent Management to comply with rules for personal communication, marketing, and retargeting.

7. Your digital strategy

  • Support existing customer club/program with single sign-on (SSO) to ordering experience.
  • Support for custom loyalty/CRM partners.
  • Support for custom payment partners and local wallets.
  • Provide SDK to include ordering experience in existing Native App.
  • Support external tracking tags (analytics, heat maps, screen recordings etc) for advanced conversion optimization.

8. Must have functionality

  • Sophisticated store locator – List view, map view, location search, and pin favorite stores.
  • Save favorite orders. View order history. Re-order and validate product availability against today’s menu.
  • Calculate a true Promise Time based on the items in the basket, total kitchen load and kitchen capacity. Allow for order throttling.
  • Advanced deep linking into any view of the user journey to enable communication and marketing.

9. Payment

  • Advanced payment logic (Reserve, void, capture, annul) to avoid charging a guest even if the order placement in the POS fails.
  • Support for custom payment partner(s) to enable a smooth payment experience on all markets.
  • Identity stitching for a 360 view of your guest regardless of ordering channel. Enable card-based loyalty.

10. Enterprise class technology

  • Two-way integration with the POS or Master data system for “one source of truth”. No Content Management System (CMS) needed.
  • All sales details in POS sales reporting. Full e-commerce tracking using google Analytics or custom system.
  • Fully centralized monitoring, device management for cloud and on-premises technology (Self-Ordering Kiosk, Order Status Board).
  • Enterprise PCI compliance to descope merchant and lower the costs. (PCI DSS 3.2 – Service Provider Level 1).
  • Enterprise Identity management (IDP) for staff facing applications.
  • Network if IT Operation partners (IT, ServiceDesk, On-site and supported HW).
  • 24/7/365 Global Support.
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Unless you already tick all the boxes – book a personal demo or contact us!

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