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Meet Josefin Kemppainen, one of our valued team members

We recently interviewed one of our amazing colleagues and team members Josefin Kemppainen who work as Team Lead and Developer within Order Management Systems at Future Ordering. She talked about her role, passion for development and our culture after working within Future Ordering for two years.

Luleå, Sweden
Nov 4, 2021
Feb 25, 2022
Emelie Telander
Josefin Kemppainen

If you make a summary of your career, what did you do before you started at Future Ordering?

Before I joined Future Ordering, I’ve been working at two bigger companies, Scania and Bombardier. I have had a couple of different roles during my career such as Software Developer, Product Qwner and Project Manager. I have a Master of Science degree within Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, but I ended up working as a Software Developer directly after graduation, which I'm happy about since IT and development is a varying industry.

How would you describe your role at Future Ordering?

I work as a Team Lead and Developer in one of our development teams. However, at FO we are encouraged to engage in areas of interest. Hence, my role is wider than the official description and I’m, for example, involved in architectural discussions as well.

What made you choose Future Ordering instead of other companies when moving back to Luleå?

I was attracted to Future Ordering due to it's innovative and responsive business. When my family and I decided to move to Luleå, it felt like a perfect combination – living in a smaller city and still be able to be a part of a scale-up company working with the latest technology.

What is your best memory during your time working at Future Ordering?

The best memory would be when the system that my team and I had been developing, went live and started to be used for real. It is really satisfying to be a part of the whole process from idea to start of operation.

Why did you choose to work within Development?

I’ve always had a passion for math, logic and above all, problem solving. During my studies, I discovered that development was a good match for me.

What are the best things about working at Future Ordering?

The best thing with Future Ordering is the friendly atmosphere where everyone is pitching in. My colleagues possess a high level of expertise and working with them is extremely rewarding and developing. Future Ordering is a small company with a short decision-making process where ideas are equally valid which I appreciate.

Why should people apply for a position at Future Ordering?

At Future Ordering you will be working in an engaging organization in a fast-growing company where a balanced work-life is encouraged. Here you will get to work on a cloud-based platform within dedicated autonomous teams and every employee has the freedom to work from anywhere.

How would you describe the culture and dynamic?

It's a good mix of people working at Future Ordering which leads to an interesting dynamic. I would describe the culture as empathetic and inspiring and the collaboration within the company is the part that I appreciate the most.

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