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Meet one of our inspirational leaders, Olov Johansson

We recently interviewed Olov Johansson, who work as Head of Development at Future Ordering. He talked about his role, leadership and how he ended up working with development.

Luleå, Sweden
Mar 22, 2022
Mar 30, 2022
Emelie Telander
Olov Johansson

How would you describe your role at Future Ordering?

As Head of Development, my primary responsibility is to find a way to deliver the features required of the product. This is nothing I do myself, and the development teams are the ones that come up with the plans. I gather the progress from the teams and communicate with all different stakeholders.

I also set the focus of the non-feature-related development initiatives, for example, a focus on monitoring or a transition to events first development.

What is your best memory during your time working at Future Ordering?

It would probably be a release that everybody worked hard for and finally released. I can think of a few, but the feeling of finally releasing something you have worked long and hard for is unbeatable.

Why did you choose to work within IT and Development?

Since I was a kid, I have always loved to create things. So when I got my first computer, I instantly knew this was something for me, and I have created software since that day.

What are the best things about working at Future Ordering?

Since Future Ordering is a small company, everyone has lots of responsibilities. I love to work in that kind of environment. Everyone is pulling together against the odds for a common goal. This brings out the best of people, and I enjoy victories when the outcome is far from certain.

Why should people apply for a position at Future Ordering?

We can give you all the responsibilities you like. Many exciting tasks need solving, and a creative person with a knack for finding solutions will have a great time at Future Ordering.

How would you describe the culture and dynamic?

The main thing is that everyone will help you if you need help. We work towards a common goal, and assisting a colleague comes above everything else. That, together with the freedom to investigate and solve problems your way, defines us.

What do you think defines great leadership?

I think leaders should strive to give everyone as much freedom as possible. Work to provide time and opportunities to solve their tasks in a way they believe in. Give the chance to learn new things and teach other about their findings.

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