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Max Burgers Elevates Guest Experience with a Frictionless Pickup Solution from Flybuy and Future Ordering

Max Burger's frictionless pickup experience is a key factor in driving repeat visits and increasing order volume, while improving labour efficiencies by giving the staff complete visibility of the customer's journey to the restaurant.

Stockholm, Sweden
Jul 7, 2022
May 7, 2024
Future Ordering and Flybuy create a frictionless pickup experience for Max Burgers

With almost 200 restaurants across five countries, Max Burgers has a knack for innovation, both with menu items and technology. They offer their guests curbside delivery and are confident that this channel will continue growing. In fact, 30% of Max Burgers' in-app orders are being picked up curbside. Max has been working with Future Ordering for many years for a seamless digital ordering experience and has added Flybuy Pickup as a location-based curbside solution. With a proven and powerful tech stack, they have enticed new customers while increasing loyalty with current customers.

The partnership with Flybuy Pickup has significantly improved the labor efficiencies for Max Burgers' staff. With the help of this service, the staff has complete visibility of the customer's journey to the restaurant. This enables them to prepare orders according to the exact arrival times and spend less time searching for customers in the parking lot.

“The combination of Flybuy and Future Ordering sets our staff up for success to handle the ongoing high volume of curbside customers,” says Henrik Jacobson, Business Developer at Max Burgers. "We are operating more efficiently than ever, and the time saved with Flybuy can be used by our staff to provide a fast, seamless, and frictionless experience for our customers from the moment they place their order to the moment they receive their food.”

Flybuy Pickup is fully integrated with Max Burgers Management System, enabling the kitchen to balance order preparation for dine-in and order-ahead customers simultaneously. This ensures maximum food freshness for all takeout orders, and automatically keeps the kitchen in sync with the servers.

“Flybuy and Future Ordering are working hand-in-hand with Max Burgers to provide a superior curbside pickup experience for customers,” says Dan Estrada, Chief Strategy Officer from Radius Networks.Max Burgers has implemented a seamless customer pickup experience across online and mobile ordering channels fully integrated with kitchen management systems, dramatically reducing customer wait times, improving staff efficiencies and maximizing product quality and freshness.”

“This is the start of creating a seamless, friction-free and efficient car experience for guests arriving at Max Burgers. We look forward to working with the Flybuy team to transform the QSR industry, says Charlotte Darth, CRO at Future Ordering.

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About Flybuy | Radius Networks

Radius Networks is the leading enterprise location technology company and their platform helps companies achieve operational excellence and simplify the guest experience. The Flybuy SaaS platform includes: Flybuy Pickup for curbside, in-store, and delivery driver pickup optimization; Flybuy Drive-Thru for drive-thru pickup and loyalty automation; Radius Networks technology is installed globally in tens of thousands of locations across more than 50 countries.

About Future Ordering

Future Ordering is a leading omnichannel ordering platform for global restaurant brands. Its self-ordering solution includes kiosk-, app- and web ordering and is seamlessly integrated with the POS system. The platform powers profitable restaurant chains across more than 10 countries, facilitating millions of transactions monthly, and is trusted by renowned brands like Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and more.

About Max Burgers

Max Burgers was founded in 1968 and is Sweden’s oldest burger chain. MAX wants to become the best burger chain in the world by serving the tastiest burgers and by doing good in society; in the end making the planet a little better. MAX Burgers employs 7.200 people, has almost 200 restaurants in five countries and  400 million EUR in turnover.

This is a press release originating from Flybuy | Radius Networks.

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