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Future Ordering is building its future office together with Truncatis

Future Ordering is doubling the number of employees and we are now building a new floor together with Truncatis, next to Coop Arena in Luleå.

Luleå, Sweden
May 28, 2021
Feb 25, 2022
Fredrik Johnsson, Local Manager and Co-owner of Future Ordering with Jonas Rönnqvist, CEO of Truncatis

There is a major transformation of the area called Skutviken in Luleå. At times like now when time is a scarce commodity, Future Ordering has had a goal of being close to restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, free parking and excellent communications, regardless of where you commute from.

To achieve this, we had to get out of the city center and create a new type of meeting place. The trend where more people will alternate between working at the office and from home is also confirmed by our employees.

Future Ordering provides digital ordering for global restaurant chains such as Max Burgers, Circle K and Sushi Yama. In close collaboration with their customers, the company has had the opportunity to lead innovation and digital transformation of the restaurant industry since the start in Luleå 2016. An attractive office in Luleå is an important part of the strategy.

“With a goal of creating the world-leading platform, we need to attract more of Luleå's best developers. It is our employees who drive the company forward and we want to offer Luleå's coolest office with glass walls, roof terrace, gym and with a well-thought-out floor plan. We have always offered our employees to work from anywhere they want, from home or at the office. Therefore we see the office of the future as an important meeting place.” says Fredrik Johnsson, Local Manager and Co-owner of Future Ordering

The former hockey professional Jonas Rönnqvist is today the CEO of the real estate company Truncatis and is well used to the area.

“We notice that the needs for the new premises is higher standards, more focus on well-being, flexible offices and plenty of parking spaces with access to engine heaters and battery charging. We can offer this in Skutviken. It is also extra fun to be able to build next to Coop arena, where I both played and trained with Luleå Hockey "says Jonas Rönnqvist, CEO of Truncatis

Truncatis has around 40 tenants and the area has already managed to attract several different types of companies. With the increased demand for a high standard, focus on well-being  and flexible offices, Truncatis has aimed to meet these needs. The building is intended to be a place where innovative companies such as Future Ordering and employees will have the conditions to perform at the top of their ability, collaborate, learn from each other and grow together.

“The workplace of the future must be created on the basis that it will be the place where we will have the conditions to perform at the top of our ability, but everyone has different needs to be able to perform at the top. Therefore, I believe that the workplace of the future have to be flexible, so that as many needs as possible can be satisfied. It is about creating an environment where a company can optimize its chances of success.” says Jonas Rönnqvist, CEO of Truncatis

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