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Future Ordering and Wolt in Partnership for Innovative Food Delivery Service

Future Ordering, a leading platform for digital ordering, and the digital e-commerce platform Wolt are partnering to offer progressive restaurant chains food delivery as an integral part of their existing ordering experience.

Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 24, 2024
Apr 24, 2024
Charlotte Darth
Future Ordering and Wolt in Partnership for Innovative Food Delivery Service

The partnership enables restaurant chains to offer food delivery in their own channels, such as website and app, with delivery directly to the customer. This brings many benefits, such as a consistent brand experience, increased upselling, and ownership of the entire customer journey. By enabling delivery orders in the restaurant's own channels, the restaurant chain continues to own the relationship withthe guest and can collect and analyze customer data to better understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Charlotte Darth, Chief Revenue Officer at Future Ordering, says: 

-       Delivery included in the restaurants' own channels provides guests with a consistent and convenient ordering experience, including tailored product recommendations based on buying behavior and preferences. We are very pleased to partner with Wolt, which has extensive delivery capabilities, strengthening our customers' ability to expand their business. The first customer is already up and running and more have shown great interest in the new service, which is very encouraging.

Integrating food delivery into restaurants' own channels is not only in line with current market trends and customer preferences but also a strategic move for fast-food chains to remain relevant and competitive in the industry's ongoing digitization. 

Johan Grönvall, CEO of Wolt in Sweden, says: 

-       It's a very exciting collaboration with Future Ordering. With the help of their technology, significantly more of our restaurant partners will get completely new opportunities for additional sales and build stronger ties with already loyal customers, but also reach new target groups. Our role in this is to assist the restaurants with perhaps Sweden's best logistics solution for home delivery of food, as well as an absolutely world-class customer support.

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