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Friction-free fast food: A smart system is changing this burger chain’s customer satisfaction

Convenience and speed are the hallmarks of good service and an integral part of the zeitgeist- and frustrated customers are every business worst nightmare. Mister York, the burger chain with roots in Sweden, is aiming for new levels of service by implementing time-saving technology.

Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 15, 2022
Sep 5, 2023
Gustav Haglund and Petter Wetterling

The digital ordering platform provided by Future Ordering allows the staff to work more efficiently while simultaneously providing a smoother experience for the paying customer. Naturally, this has led to increased sales for the burger chain and more repeat visitors. And unlike other platforms, Future Ordering is not charging the burger chain any transaction or commission fee. Moreover, the staff is reporting increased levels of efficiency and decreased levels of stress in an industry normally characterized by high pressure.

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Adapting for growth

The new move includes high performing web and app ordering. It's a logical move for a growing company like Mister York, as more and more food chains are going in the direction of top-modern digital solutions. The company views the partnership as a long-term investment. As CEO Gustav Haglund says:

“Modern, convenient, and scalable – that’s what we were looking for and that’s exactly what we found with Future Ordering. We been growing rapidly and this will be a perfect match growing forward”

The service has been implemented by other successful food chains under white-label and is a stepping stone for Mister York on its expansive journey. This ambition for growth is one of the main motivations behind the partnership with Future Ordering. The service provided is highly scalable and has already been used by other food chains to facilitate growth. Mister York seems to have found the perfect partner to work alongside as they continue to strive to deliver burgers beyond Kalmar, Sweden, where it all started.

“I talk for our entire team when I say that we are very impressed with Mister Yorks growth so far. Business magic happens when you are crystal clear on what you want and you find people and companies who share the same goals. The food industry is changing and you have to be fearless in introducing and implementing new technology as customers, rightfully and expect the best. Welcome to the Future Ordering platform.” Petter Wetterling, Sales Executive Future Ordering.

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Emelie Telander

CMO, Future Ordering
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