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Europe’s largest playcenter group, Leo's, partner up with Future Ordering to boost efficiency, profitability, and scalability

Leos is the biggest and most visited playcenter for kids and families in the Nordics. The company is amid a great expansion and the goal is to reach 100 sites by the year 2025.

Stockholm, Sweden
Mar 15, 2023
Mar 23, 2023
Anders Forssten, Chief Business Development Officer Leo's Lekland

The founders had a mission to create a playcenter for families & kids to meet and enjoy both movement & sports with a lot of fun in a safe environment. Movement in all forms are far more relevant now than ever when reports from The WHO shows that children’s movement has severely decreased over time.

Bistro Leo's goes digital
With lots of movement comes a natural need for nutritious food and drinks. Bistro Leo’s provides guests with expectational service and a wide selection of great food. In efforts to further increase the customer experience, the restaurants efficiency and overall profitability, Leo's is making changes in how they operate.

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Implementing Future Ordering means greater convenience for both the guests and staff at Leo's Lekland. Hungry guests will spend less time in cues waiting to order and receive their food/drinks while the staff gets an efficient digital workflow leveraging Future Orderings Kitchen Display System (KDS). Ordering will now be made possible through QR codes and inside the Leo's app. Food preparation status is continuously sent to the app and the guest will receive a text message when the order is ready.

“Future Ordering stands with a proven record from the industry with cutting-edge technology that goes well with our digital strategy. Our technical platforms will boost guest experience, increase convenience, efficiency, and profitability while capturing valuable data along the way.” says Anders Forssten, Chief Business Development Officer Leo’s Lekland.

The team at Leo's Lekland will then be able to free up more time to cater to the experience of the guests at the restaurants or the families and kids at the playground.  Moreover, the team at the playground reports decreased levels of stress in an environment and industry characterized by high pressure.

“Me and the team are impressed with the Leo's digital strategy and team leveraging our API’s to create a seamless user experience from booking the visit, to payment, user account, loyalty, ordering and food production… wow”, says Andreas Stormvinge, Chief Executive Officer Future Ordering.

Leo’s Lekland joins a list of leading brands, recognized for innovation like Bastard Burgers, Max Burgers, Sushi Yama and Circle K.

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