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Danish sushi chain, Sushi Mania choose Future Ordering as digital ordering partner for continued hyper-growth

Top sushi chain Sushi Mania brings a real authentic Japanese experience to the table. The restaurant chain now adds Future Ordering with proven record from the industry as digital ordering partner for continued hyper-growth.

Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 11, 2023
Jun 1, 2023
Sushi Mania

The world of fast food and fast casual is getting more digital by the minute. Top sushi chain Sushi Mania, founded in Denmark 2009, is now implementing App- and Online ordering with Future Ordering as digital ordering partner. The technology will create a smoother experience for customers choosing shop-in shop in MENY Grocery Stores in Denmark. Efficient tools will also enable continued hyper-growth with an increased average order value. The restaurant will drive more sales and at the same time create an enjoyable order experience.

“Future Ordering stands with proven record from the industry, and we want to offer our customer the best enjoyable customer experience possible from ordering to table. Implementing new technologies will enable a better experience, increase our profitability, efficiency, and convenience. Our team will at the same time be able to focus more on the relationship with our guests, serving a Japanese sushi experience to the table” says Nathalie Ine Kühl, CEO & Co-founder at Sushi Mania.

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Nathalie adds; “With our plans for expansion we rely very much on a stable and professional partner set up. We have been looking to Future Ordering for some years now and finally decided this was the best solution for our case. We look so much forward to this cooperation.”

Being fully white-label, Future Ordering enables Sushi Mania to keep the authentic feel which has been a key part of their image as they continue to expand. Future Ordering will create a more seamless experience for the ordering customer, and fuel the sushi chain by helping them increase revenue as opposed to hindering growth by charging commission and transaction fees.

“We are happy to welcome Sushi Mania to the Future Ordering platform and support their continued hyper-growth, by enabling a seamless user experience” says Andreas Stormvinge, CEO at Future Ordering

Sushi Mania joins a list of brands recognized for digital innovation like Bastard Burgers, Max Burgers,Sushi Yama and Circle K.

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