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Amid the worsening macroeconomic conditions, Nordic restaurants invest heavily in Foodtech– and Future Ordering stands out

Nordic consumers are in general digitally mature, and their restaurant chains are embracing technology as an antidote to worsening macroeconomic conditions.

Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 26, 2022
Oct 26, 2022
Team Future Ordering

While the Point-of-Sale (POS) systems have been busy battling each other with incomplete “full-service solutions,” there is one vendor that has almost made them redundant in the meantime.

Future Ordering, known for working with innovative chain Max Burgers, is now onboarding several brands onto its platform with the promise of not being a POS.

We caught up with Andreas Stormvinge, running Future Ordering to dig deeper.

Why are you different?

By not falling into the trap of believing that we can be the best at everything, we can concentrate our efforts and be the best at something. In our case, we focus all our energy on creating the highest-performing digital ordering channels on the market, providing the means for integration to anyone that complements us. And, at the same time, we extend to others, like the existing POS systems.

“It is not what you can add – it is what you can remove.”

This strategy now pays off when brands like Burger King, Bastard Burgers, Bores, and Mister York join the ranks of Sushi Yama, Max Burgers, Egon, and Circle K in their choice of a digital ordering platform.

“Today’s focus is to onboard the fast food and fast casual chains in the Nordics–and make our customers resilient and efficient. We are making progress as you can tell.”

Why now?

Future Ordering has been around for quite some time. We were just getting started when Corona hit the world. During the pandemic, we dedicated our resources to assisting existing customers. It was hard turning down prestigious global brands with thousands of stores, but it was our way of repaying the trust of our first customers.

During Corona, low-touch digital ordering apps boomed. For Future Ordering, it was bittersweet running a marathon among sprinters. Still, in retrospect, the industry was trained in how not to do it and when the world re-opened for enterprise technology, we were ready.

What is next for Foodtech?

Being in conversations on a global scale, we can foresee dark clouds on the horizon. Normalization in tech valuations combined with reduced access to capital will result in a bloodbath. Consolidation has started and you are either in the conversations or driving them. There are too powerful forces in motion–it would be naive to believe you can make it on your own. Inactivity will inevitably result in irrelevance.

What is the future of ordering for the food and beverage industry?

Restaurants today are forced to turn into IT companies just to compete, and it has affected restaurant operations ina negative way. By uniting the value chain, we will provide the means for orchestration, automation, and differentiation–all at the same time.

The platforms will level the playing field. Smart brands understand that they will once again compete with their product, loyalty, communication, availability, and operational excellence. Powered by data obviously. That’s hospitality 2.0.

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