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Meet Johan Delissen from our Stockholm Office

We recently interviewed our brilliant colleague Johan Delissen who work as Software Engineer within Order Management Systems at Future Ordering. He talked about the culture, how one is encouraged to try new things and the general kindness consisting of inclusiveness and a good team spirit.

Stockholm, Sweden
Dec 7, 2021
Feb 25, 2022
Emelie Telander
Johan Delissen

How would you describe your role at Future Ordering?

I am a Software Engineer at Future Ordering and my role entails collaboratively building the infrastructure that is the foundation of Future Orderings services. This encompasses the entire process from architectural decision making and design, to implementation, testing, and ultimately deployment.

What is your best memory during your time working at Future Ordering?

It is difficult to pinpoint one specific memory or moment but is always rewarding to see a project that has been under development finally reaching a production environment and being used in real-world scenarios.

Why did you choose to work within IT and Development?

For me, it was a natural step after having studied Computer Science and Engineering. The reason why I chose to study Computer Science and Engineering was due to an understanding of the relevance of IT, both now and in the future. Later as a student, the more I learned and understood about Computer Science and its applications the more fascinated and inspired I became to learn and understand more. This cycle of fascination and inspiration continues at Future Ordering where I am always learning new things.

What are the best things about working at Future Ordering?

For me, the best thing about working at Future Ordering is having the possibility to always learn new things and grow from both a technical and organizational point of view. Moreover, the technical problem in the form of an intersection between traditional e-commerce platforms (and the complexity this entails), together with the need for robustness and speed typical in transaction systems, gives rise to a set of new challenging and exciting problems to work with.

Why should people apply for a position at Future Ordering?

At Future Ordering, you get to work with exciting projects using modern cutting-edge tools. Future Ordering's solution characteristics engender a wide spectrum of different technological domains such as; web development, system development, analytics, IoT, transaction processing, CRM, DevOps, and much more. This implies that there are plenty of opportunities to match one's specific interests. This in combination with a culture of allowing employees to take true responsibility creates a great environment for us to flourish.

How would you describe the culture and dynamic?

I would describe the Future Ordering culture as follows;
- Encouraging; One is encouraged to try new things but with guidance and assistance if needed never allowing one to feel as if one has bitten off more than one can chew.
- Educational; Future Ordering consists of an inquisitive assemble which spawns a good environment for learning and sharing knowledge.
- Kind; A general kindness consisting of inclusiveness and good team spirit.

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